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April 2020: Launa worked with SNL Photographer Mary ellen Matthews create a series of miniature sets for SNL Bumpers out of items found at home. Sets were made out of cereal boxes, mops, etc. A true challenge during a strange time, this collaboration was an opportunity to flex DIY skills and connect with the SNL audience by creating works of art from home with familiar, down-to-earth objects. 

Design and build of an instagram worthy surrealist restroom for an arts business in Brooklyn. Highlights include a 7ft custom mirror, and a the vintage sink repurposed with gold plated handles made from Haas Brothers salt and pepper shakers. 

April 2023: Design and complete renovation of a small bathroom at Acme Brooklyn. Launa built everything. The concept was 'Surreal Forest'. Highlight of the space includes a custom 7ft backlit mirror, and an altered sink to include a set of gold plated Haas Brothers salt and pepper shakers for sink handles. Launa completely leveled the floor and tiled. From top to bottom, this space was designed and created by the artist. 

May 2022: Launa was invited to design and build a set based on her drawings. This collaboration was between creative hub Acme Brooklyn, Art Director Shawn Patrick Anderson and Photographer / Stylist Ruby June. 

Commissioned by The Carbondale Arts, Launa designed and built the set for Mountain Fair in Carbondale Colorado. 

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