Through The Mind's Eye

2020/2021 Honoraria Grant Awardee

The Mind's Eye is a 22ft painted steel sculpture currently being built in Washington State by Launa Eddy. Colorful, animalistic, surrealist and absurd. It's a big bright toy that wants to be played with. And while your inner child goes 'squeee' over its fun-ness, you also notice that deep in its soul (and also glaringly on the surface) this sculpture is about struggle, and the beauty and wilderness that could very well emerge from the darkness within... if you dig your heels in and keep your head up.

Ex Umbris, Ad Lucem = Out of Darkness, Into Light.





Launa Eddy lives in New York City. She was raised by wolves and lobstermen, generally lives to make things and take on challenges both necessary and un, and will build this surrealist wonder with friends in Tonasket Washington alongside The Acavallo Crew.