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The Mind's Eye, painted steel, 25' x 8' x 8' 

The Mind's Eye is made of painted, hand-formed steel panels representing female power and the human ability to tap into unknown worlds and hidden potential within the self.


The Mind's Eye lives in both darkness and light - wild animals descend from the cloud of the mind, absurd and dangerous but equally curious and beautiful. The rich complexity of the human mind and its limitless potential when challenged inspired The Mind's Eye through a minimally surrealist lens. Standing 25ft tall, the female form stands tall elevated by adversity - her red lips representing strength, beauty, and power. The two toned streams holding her up - representing duality of spirit, dark and light, happiness and pain - all informing her reality seamlessly. She stands tall no matter what and unleashes the wilderness within when challenged.  

For more information about leasing or purchasing The Mind's Eye, contact the artist: 



Photo: Frank Bileu

Photo: Mark Fromson 

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